Broiler finisher mash

A complete source of nutrition for broilers that combines both micro and macro nutritive ingredients. It provides required nutrients for proper bone development and enables faster weight gain for early slaughter.

Broiler starter mash


It is a palatable and nutritious food formulated to be fed to calves from three to six months of age. It is nutritionally balanced for essential nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, and contains lasalocid sodium for improved growth rates and feed conversion efficiency.

Chick and duckling mash

A complete source of nutrition for development and growth of duckling and chicks. It provide the birds with the right nutrients at each stage and ensures strong bone structure.

Dairy meal fugo

Kienyeji mash

Layers mash

Finisher pellet

Growers mash

Promote hormone production and sexual maturation within target growth period.

Layers complete

Starter crumps

It is designed to give chicks that much needed early nutritional boost necessary for the development of the young bird's organs and general growth.

Starter mash